Duplicate a page.

This tutorial will show you how to create a page from an already existing page.

There are 2 ways to create a new page. The explained here is duplicate an existing page.

In the "Pages du site Web" module, which is found under the "Contenu" tab, you see all the pages of your site. Choose from which page you want to create a new one. For the example, we will start from the page "Notre équipe". To duplicate it, simply click on the orange button (small arrow).

Dupliquer une page

Then you have to rename the page.

When the page was duplicated, a new page with the same name appeared in the list, and numbers were added to the end of the URL. It is this page that we will modify to create the new page. Click on this page to edit it, or on the green pencil icon. Then, in the "English" tab, change the title of the page. For the example, we'll call it "Nouvelle page". 

Dupliquer une page

... and do not forget to change the URL link!

To change the URL of the page, go down in the advanced options. Click on "Options avancées" to access the other fields. You can enter "Nouvelle page" in the "Permalien" field. The system will take care of itself to change the illegal characters, such as spaces and accents.

Dupliquer une page

It only remains to modify the content of the page!

To change the page itself, go to the "Mise en page" tab. This is where you can modify your blocks to change the content (texts and images). It is now much easier to make a nice page that will fit well with others, because the layout is already done (block sizes, colors, title sizes, margins ..) Note that If you have a bilingual site, you must repeat certain steps in the "French" tab.

Dupliquer une page