Create a "Text and photo" block.

This tutorial will show you how to put content in your page.

Click the "+" button

When you are in the "Layout" tab, there is a big blue button with a +. Click this button to create a new block.

Créer un bloc Texte et photos

Then you have to choose the block type.

When you click the plus button, a window appears with a choice of block type. The most commonly used block type is the "Text and photo" type. Let's talk about it. Click the "Text & photo" button to create the block.

Créer un bloc Texte et photos

Enter your content.

You can now enter your content. Even if it is called "Text & Photo", this type of block is mainly used to enter text. The WYSIWYG console (What You See Is What You Get) will allow you to make a layout inside your block. You can change the title sizes, put bulleted lists, change the alignment of text, add links, buttons, videos, PDF documents, pictures, tables ... the list is long! In fact, it's a bit like Word software. For the example, we will only enter text.

Scroll down to see the block options.
  • The "Image" field is used to put a background image of the block.
  • The "Padding" fields are used to put margins inside the block, much like margins in Word, so that the text is not pasted on the edge of the block.
  • "Background color" is used to change the background color of the block.
  • "Text Color" is used to change the color of the text throughout the block. Note that you can change the color of the text in the WYSIWYG console as well.
  • The field "Show on mobile?" is used to say if the block will be displayed on the version for the phone.
  • Finally, the "RollOver" field is used to add a small overflight effect to the entire block.

Click the "Send" button to save your block.

Créer un bloc Texte et photos

Resize your block.

Once your block is finished, you can resize it by clicking on the icon of the 2 arrows at the bottom right of the block. With the mouse, you can now resize the block as you wish, and you can move it around the page. You can put as many blocks as you want. You can even add blank blocks to create spacing.

Créer un bloc Texte et photos