Create a button.

This tutorial will show you how to create a clickable button.

It's very simple to create a clickable button.  

Let's take for aquis that you are editing a "Text & photo" block in a page. In this example, we want to add a button below the paragraph. I put my cursor at the end of the paragraph and I press the "Enter" key. My cursor is in position to add text or any other element.

Créer un bouton

Then click on the "chain" icon.

In the WYSISYG console there is a button for inserting / editing links. Click once on this button.

Créer un bouton

Creating the link / button.

In the window that just appeared, we will enter the complete Web address of the destination of our button. In this example, it is the "Contact" page. Then, in the "Text to display" field, we will write "Contact us", because that is what we want to be entered in the button. Finally, in the "Class" field, choose the "Button" option. Click OK to finish. There you go! It is done!

Note: You will not see a button in the WYSIWYG console.

Créer un bouton

Check the result on the online site.

After clicking on send to save everything, it is important to check the final result on the website and test if the link works well.

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