Add an "Event".

This tutorial will show you how to add an event to your module.

This tutorial is valid for sites made AFTER July 2018.

Click on the "Events" button

In the CMS homepage, there are shortcuts. Click on the "Events" button.

Take note that this tutorial is made for websites created from July 2018.

Tutoriel - Évènements

Create an event".

Click on the "Add" button to create your "event".

Tutoriel - Évènements

Enter the information in the "General" tab.

In the 2nd tab, you will be able to enter this information:

  • Start date
  • End date (If the duration of the event is only one day, enter the same date for the beginning and the end of the event)
  • Main image (which will be used in the list of events as well as in the detail page of the event)
  • Choice of templates

Do not click the send button. It will be necessary to enter other information before.

Tutoriel - Évènements

Enter the information in the "French" tab.

It is in this tab that we will write the text. You will enter the title. It must be different from all other events.

In the "Presentation" field, you can enter a sentence or two. Be very brief! This text will also appear on Facebook if you share the page when done.

In the "Description" field, you can now write all the details of your event. If you have a lot of information to put, just write the first 2 paragraphs, and you will do the following in another step.

Tutoriel - Évènements

Now is the time to click on "Send"

By clicking on "Send", the system will generate a page from the selected template and information entered in the "General" and "French" tabs. This action can be done only once.

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It's not over!

Click on the event you just created to edit it.

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Check the information.

In the "Order" tab, the module has created blocks with the information you entered earlier. It's now a page like any other, and you can edit it as you see fit. Check if everything is correct, and adjust the size of your blocks if necessary. You can adjust the crop of the image as well.

Tutoriel - Évènements

Additional elements in the template.

To better meet your specific needs, there may well be other elements in your template. For example, here we have an extra photo. Click on the photo to replace it.

Tutoriel - Évènements

Blocks adjustments and additions

The template has been tailor-made for you. But this is only a template, it is to help you create your page. You can adjust it as you wish, and add the number of blocks you want. Like blocks for activity schedule, rates, location with a Google map, partner logos, ect. Do not forget to click on "Send" to save everything.

Tutoriel - Évènements

Activate the event on the site.

In the "General" tab, we will now tick "Yes" to display it on the site. Then click on "Send".

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Final check.

When adding content, regardless of the type of content (images, text, videos, etc.), it is important to check the final result on the site. Check if the event is displayed in the event list, and click on the event to check the "detail" page of your event. Take note that it is better to use good quality images, and make sure you have the rights to use!

Tutoriel - Évènements

Tutoriel - Évènements