Add an achievement.

This tutorial will show you how to add an item to your portfolio.

Access the "Realisations" module

To add a achievement to your site, you must go through the module that is found on the "Content" tab.

Ajouter une Réalisation

Add a "realisation".

To do this, simply click on the "Add" button

Ajouter une Réalisation

Select image and category.

Choose in which category you want to display your achievement (if you bought the "Realisation category" module as it is optional).

You can now enter your image. Click the "Browse" button to fetch your image.

Ajouter une Réalisation

Choose your image.

Now you have to choose your image. You can either take an image already in the system (images in the library), or add an image from your computer. For the example, we will add a new one from our computer. Then click on the blue button "Upload one or more file(s) from your computer".

Ajouter une Réalisation

Select your image.

You can simply drag your image into the area, or click the "Select Files" button.

Ajouter une Réalisation

Name the image.

Once the image has been chosen, the image will be uploaded to the server. Add a title, which you can use in the future if you are looking for this image in the library. For example, we will call it "Marriage". Then click the "Send" button.

Ajouter une Réalisation

Crop the image and go to the next step.

You can change the image framing by clicking on the "Crop" tool.

Click on the "English" tab to go to the next step.

Ajouter une Réalisation

Title and description.

Now it's time to give a title to your "Realisation". Note that all achievements must have a different title.

Then you can add a description to your achievement. You can do what you want in this section with the "WYSIWIG" console. You can add links, buttons, images, videos, PDF documents ... the list is long! And you can make a nice layout using title sizes, images, ect.

Once completed, click on the "Send" button at the bottom of the page.

Ajouter une Réalisation

Check the result on the online site.

When adding content, be it pictures or text, videos, no matter what kind of content, it's important to go check the result online on the real site. Take note that it is better to have good quality picture, and make sure you have the copyrights!

Ajouter une Réalisation