Website for towns

Our website package for towns was built to answer all your town's needs.

It has everything your town needs!

$1 500
per year

Show everyone how great it is to live in your town!

Use our tools to display all your cultural events, activities, nearby attractions or the latest news about your town. 

Inform your citizens

Garbage collection calendar, minutes, council meetings, public notices, permit applications, municipal bylaws... we thought of everything!

Take advantage of our interactive calendar

Here's your greatest ally. Adding content is childs play! Use your calendar to display information like garbage collection, council meetings, upcoming cultural events, activity subscription dates and more!

Add your latest news and events

There's always something going on in town? Tell your citizens! With our custom-built templates, you can display quickly with just a couple of clicks all the information your citizens need. What's more, your latest news are automatically published on your Facebook page! Two birds, one stone!

Create simple and efficient alerts

Whether it's warning your citizens of a boil water advisory, snow removal, construction work or anything else, it's easy to display an alert on your website. Taking the entire length of your screen and situated just below the main menu, it can't be ignored!

Send newsletters directly from your website!

Newsletters are great tools to keep your citizens informed. Completely integrated in your website, within just a couple of clicks you can create and send the information to your subscribed citizens.

What's included?

  • Website containint 30 pages that adapt to all types of screens*
  • We put all the content of your website for you**
  • Our CMS using's exclusive IMBRIQUE bloc system
  • Newsletter system allowing you to send newsletters directly linked to the content of your website
  • Interactive calendar: garbage collection, council meetings, agenda, events, etc.
  • Simplified public notices, municipal bylaws, minutes and council meeting management
  • Simplified management of your latest news and events
  • Display your latest news on your home page
  • Alerts on the top of every page (snow removal, water boil advisory, etc.)
  • Nearby attractions (museums, ski centres, golf courses, etc.)
  • Search engine
  • Information request form
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Templates allowing you to easily add content on your website
  • Domain name, SSL certificate and 5 e-mails
  • Newsletter system
  • 301 redirects to keep your current SEO performances (deducted from your hour bank)**
  • 3 hours of training on how to use our CMS**
  • 2 hours of customer support per year (can't be cumulated)

* Design of your website from our template for towns: we change the logo, colors, photos and texts.
** First year only. The hour bank will be created for the entry of all your content.

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