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We take care of everything. You save time and reap success.

Our version of a turnkey website.

starting from $900*

All you need to maximize your return on investment.

When you buy an easy cheap website, you must provide us with all the contents of your site. We are talking here about texts and photos. It's not always easy to talk about yourself, and you do not always have the time to do it! With this turnkey website, we will even take care of this part of the project. Our web specialists will contact you to take the pulse of your business philosophy to build a site that really sticks! We will take care of your SEO, write your content and find images for you.

You will save a lot of time, you will be better represented on the Web and in addition, you will be ranked higher in Google! 


Even if your design is spectacular, visitors will be few if you can not find you in Google! SEO is crucial for a good positioning in the search engines.

To reach your target audience, our SEO specialists will help you prepare for the creation of your website. The SEO process is not a solution to implement at random. This is one of the first steps in creating a site.

So if you are thinking of investing to improve the performance of your site, it is better (and less expensive) to do it at the beginning of the project, and not at the end.

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Web writing

To write well is one thing; to write dynamically in order to stand out and be well referenced on the Web is another. Our editors will find the right words ... for you to be found!


A picture is worth a thousand words. But if this image does not represent you well, it's 1000 words against you. Engaging a professional photographer or buying royalty free photos on the web is a very good investment.   

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* The turnkey option adds to the cost of your easy cheap website package. The price is based on a base site of 4 pages in French. (Accueil, À propos, Service offert and Contactez-nous). Prices for a english site may vary. The base price includes 10 royalty-free photos for the design of the site. Some restrictions may apply. Taxes are extra.