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Take control of your website

Add images, text, hyperlinks and videos without the help of a programmer or graphic designer. A freedom you probably would never have imagined. Here is the IMBRIQUE block system. Create thousands of different designs with great ease. No other system will offer you such latitude. Each block is independent. You can move them individually either from left to right, from bottom to top or by adjusting the height or width. There will be no limit to your creativity. In addition, the site is "responsive" and adapts to any platform (smartphone, tablet or desktop). IMBRIQUE gives you total control over what you want to display on the mobile version or not.

Easy addition of new pages to your website

Your business is expanding? Adding new pages is child's play! To help you, create new pages using our templates. The layout will be identical. You will not have to reposition your content, only to modify the texts and change your images! It will take a few minutes to complete your page.


"Personally as a site manager, I found the program easy to use and that allowed us to create beautiful pages with many options. "

Nicole Lamontagne, directrice générale adjointe,
Municipality of Beaulac-Garthby

"Anyone who can update their Facebook page is able to edit their own website with the Modified Editing Platform by "

Vicky Chouinard, denturologist and co-owner
of Centre de denturologie Bellavance

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