Easy Website to Update

Updating your website is child's play with our IMBRIQUE block system.

It's Easy to Update Your Website!

Numerique.ca created a system that's easy to use and was built for you, our customers. Everything was made with one thing in mind: make it easy to update your website.

Here are a list of things you can do easily in just a couple of seconds: 

  • Create new pages;
  • Manage your main menu;
  • Add events or your latest news;
  • Send newsletters in literally 2 minutes or less;
  • Add your portfolio or products on your website;
  • It will be easy to change the colors of your menu, buttons, backgrounds and texts;
  • Adjust the height and width of your pictures simply by dragging the mouse, anywhere on your website, even on your home page;
  • Easily update how you display everything on your page with simple drag and drops;
  • Add PDF, Word, Excel and other documents;
  • Create buttons;
  • Add all your social network icons;
  • Create or update image carousels;
  • Easily update the content specificaly for your mobile website;
  • Add videos on any page of your website.

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